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Bored by the War

In Eastern Ukraine, soldiers and civilians are stuck in a deadlock confrontation that doesn’t bring any result and cannot be ended


Memories of the Colombian Conflict

Personal projects by AYZ

Discover my long term personal projects. Projects focused on inspiring greater awareness and serving the general interest by generating knowledge and dialogue.

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Editorial projects

Explore my latest editorial works. Be updated of my latest photo essays, archive stories and breaking news coverage.

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The last border

The northern border of Mexico separate two cultures, two worlds


Children caught in war zones are increasingly being used as weapons of war

The violence of silence


The war over, the Saddam regime crumbled, America is now in charge of Iraq.


War is the maximum orgy of despair, blood and sorrow that the human being is capable of inflicting on his fellowmen. Faced with the impunity of silence, the memory of what happened is the greatest expression of rebellion against violence and oblivion.

The Fund

Alvaro is establishing The Fund to create bodies of photographic work on major contemporary issues to break the barriers of silence and resurrect unspoken plural memories as a path to start a dialogue that can build lasting peace through reconciliation and forgiveness. The Fund’s first self-funded initiative is “Macondo, Memories of the Columbian Conflict: a dialogue to unify Colombia towards lasting peace”.



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